Current events remind us every day that confrontation with reality constantly requires us to reinvent ourselves, to face the new challenges we face in order to offer you excellence in appropriate solutions. Since the beginning of the health crisis, we have redoubled our efforts and redirected some of our missions. The respect of confidentiality, the high interest of our clients in their requests, reactivity, follow-up of operations and optimisation of budgets remain our priority and over time have forged our DNA. We will continue to be at your service tomorrow and in these uncertain times affecting our industry and our organisations, we have a special thought for all the players in the aeronautics industry. It is to them, in the future, to our capacity to face the challenges, to confront them, that we wish the best. We continue to dream for all, thanks to the solidarity of our entire corporation that we share: years of activity in which we will put our heart to work, our intelligence to triumph over adversity.

That is why, today, Artheau Aviation is proud to celebrate these 8 years! 8 years spent at the service of our clients, in the aeronautical industry, in the fields of business, cargo, leisure, sports, commercial and cargo flights.

Some of you who read our articles now follow our operations on social networks and can measure the progress we have already made. Acquiring this rich experience of the people and circumstances that have presented themselves to us, that we have accompanied, step by step, advised, allows us to say that today, in all humility, our company is truly a specialist in its core business.

Let’s fly together!