Since several months our cargo team has conclude a partnership with Turkmenistan Airlines Cargo.

New Airbus A330-200 freighter

Located in central Asia,  with theTurkmenistan Airlines we can offer to your freight new charter solutions. The airline just acquired a brand new Airbus A33-200.

We had the opportunity to welcome this new aircraft for his first operation lead by our team between Achgabat and Chateauroux.

A significant partnership

This partnership offers us several key advantages as enhanced services ; access to global networks ; competitive advantage ; diversification.

In fact, partnering with airlines allow us to offer upgrade services with negotiated rates and priority services. Moreover, the localization is interesting, our brokers can tap into these networks to reach client’s needs in different regions.

Now our cargo department has the ability to offer exclusive deals or better access to flights.

Airbus A330-200from Turkmenistan Airlines at Chateauroux Airport

Why charter a cargo aircraft ?

Airfreight offers the speed and capacity to transport your goods in a few hours. Medical and humanitarian emergency, delivery of repair tools and spare parts, perishable goods, or any other goods, air charter is a valuable tool that brings you responsiveness, efficiency and precision.

By chartering a cargo aircraft with Artheau Aviation, you can immediately transport your freight, at the time and date that you desire. You have the choice between a full charter or a part charter, with access to all types of aircraft. You can plan your shipments precisely and thus gain in efficiency.

A dedicated contact for your transport

From advice to carrying out the flight, your specialist is present at each stage to follow the correct routing of your freight, ensuring precise coordination with the crews and airport personnel. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we assist you and take care of your requests, even those that are last minute.

Contact-us for a cargo charter request


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Front noose Airbus A330