Best wishes for 2018

All the Artheau Aviation team wishes you an happy new year and send you their best wishes for 2018 ! We are delighted of the trust relations that we have built all over 2017 with our customers and suppliers. We are expecting from the year 2018 that it will even more beautiful by your side [...]

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Artheau Aviation celebrates its 5 years old !

We are celebrating our 5 years of activities. Thank you all for these thousand of flights done together. To let you wait until december with a small retrospective, we would like to thank Airbus and its partners for this amazing video showing a wonderful team working with precision and shivers ! Let's fly together ! [...]

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Marrakech, a major destination of the MICE industry at 3hours flight from Paris

Focus on tourism in Morocco : Morocco is unmistakably a territory of contrasts very appreciated by the European travelers for its climate, its heritage and the wealth of its traditions. Nevertheless did you know that it also became a MICE destination? The appearance of the tourism come from the year 1967 with Yves Saint Laurent's [...]

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2017 Biarritz Retreat

In July 2017, Artheau Aviation organized a one-week retreat in Biarritz for the second consecutive year. All members of the team participated, as well as all the members of some of the companies that share a workspace with us: Roomlala and Divinementiel. The day was divided into two parts: in the morning, we took time [...]

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Artheau Aviation Supports UNESCO’s International Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra

A Concert for Peace The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, more commonly known as UNESCO, transmits strong and globally known values. It aspires to coordinate international cooperation in science, culture, education and communication. Through this, it enables nations and societies to forge bonds among themselves. Everyone is involved so that each child and [...]

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Artheau Aviation Featured in Luxos Magazine

The magazine Luxos is published semi-annually. It presents itself as a luxury travel guide through various European cities and internationally. The editorial section, started in 2001, comments on and analyzes fashion, new cosmetics, people and luxurious travel in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The Luxos teams are multicultural, speak several languages, and are based [...]

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2017 Salon SATA – Rennes

The Aviation and Business Tourism Fair (SATA) took place on Thursday April 27, 2017 in Rennes. It was once again organized by the agency Labelle Famille. A part of the Artheau Aviation team participated for the second year in a row, and met and interacted with industry professionals and journalists of the Brittany region. This [...]

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The 2017 Spring and Easter Season with Artheau Aviation

With the arrival of Spring and Easter, the Artheau Aviation team decided to spoil several of its clients. Through a raffle, we selected among clients in the Paris region for reasons of proximity. We then went to about twenty of our Parisian clients, with the to distribute dolls made of chocolate. We could discover where [...]

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Breaking News – Charter a Presidential Plane

Artheau Aviation has just been selected by The Trump Organization to market the personal aircraft of the new President of the United States to the European market. This follows the organization’s decision to position the aircraft in Europe during the inauguration of the president. The president’s aircraft, the Air Force One, is currently a Boeing [...]

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2017 Ski Retreat

Artheau Aviation started 2017 new year with a five-day ski retreat in mid-January, bringing together all the members of its team. The days were divided into two portions, with the morning devoted to skiing and the afternoon to work. This retreat once again sought to strengthen the links between each member of Artheau Aviation. It [...]

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