If there is one cargo aircraft that we dreamed of chartering, it’s the Antonov An-124. Av geeks won’t say otherwise, it is so rare to see it!

Charter an Antonov An-124

It all started at the beginning of 2023 when our Cargo department received a request for the transport of oversized goods. This is the type of cargo that cannot be transported by boat, train or truck. The only solution is to go by air.

Given the dimensions of the goods, the only aircraft capable of carrying out this mission was the Antonov AN-124. The flight became clearer as the plane was available and the customer validated our charter offer. At that exact moment, we realized that we were going to charter the Antonov-124. This iconic aircraft, in the Ukraine colors, with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 400 metric tons. It is capable of carrying a maximum load of 120,000 kg. Here is a behemoth!

But the range of the Antonov AN-124 is limited, in fact, its design from the 70s and 80s and its energy-intensive engines offer different performances than more recent aircraft. However, it was the only one capable of fitting and transporting the customer’s merchandise. Our cargo department then thoroughly studied the flight route in order to determine the necessary “fuel stops” to carry out this trans-Atlantic flight. The goods were oversized, so we carried out two round trips over six weeks since one flight wasn’t enough.

This is the Antonov AN-124 from the back during loading

The first flight with the Antonov AN-124

Our cargo team traveled to Croatia to supervise the positioning flight of the Antonov AN-124 as well as its loading. Once there, we realized the size of the aircraft, it is so imposing and majestic that we finally embraced the beauty of this operation. Once the plane was ready, special convoys entered the airport tarmac to load the every piece of merchandise. The representatives of the airport, with whom we had coordinated everything, carried out this loading to the nearest millimeter. It was only the next day that the Antonov AN-124 took off to complete its journey and reach the South American continent.

The second flight, 6 weeks later

Six weeks later, the cargo team returned to Croatia to supervise the second and final loading. The arrival of the Antonov 124 always produces the same effect upon arrival. It is imposing and mystical that they almost made us miss the old machines. Once loading was completed, the aircraft was able to resume its route to achieve its mission. A unique experience for our team who were able to work with this fabulous machine.

The Antonov AN-124 with doors open at the tarmac

Our cargo department at your service

By chartering a cargo plane with Artheau Aviation, you can transport cargo, at the time and date you want. You have the choice between a full charter or a partial charter, with access to all types of aircraft. You can therefore plan your shipments very precisely and thus gain efficiency.

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Antonov AN-124 at the airport with artheau aviation broker