Since 1927, Cessna has produced and put into service more than 200,000 aircraft, including 6,500 Citations, the largest fleet of business jets in the world.

The Citation XLS+, a Midsize qualified jet, is extremely popular: carrying up to 8 passengers over 3852 km, it is a perfect compromise for intra-Europe. This aircraft is extremely reliable, with a large cargo hold accessible from the outside and a special cupboard inside for luggage, which golf and ski enthusiasts particularly appreciate when travelling. Its technical performance means that it can land on short runways and allows passengers to access many airports close to their destination. A mini-bar as well as a dedicated area offer a cold/hot drinks service. Finally, the cabin has excellent soundproofing.
An example of a destination in XLS+ :

✔️ Going: Le Bourget ➡️ Munich
Return on the same day: Munich ➡️ Le Bourget
8 seats // 1h20 flight time
12.200,00 euros (VAT exempt)

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