The return of national and international air traffic is scheduled to allow a new start, while taking into
account the health measures that we are implementing such as the use of hand sanitizer, and the
mandatory wearing of masks and gloves, necessary to ensure the safety of all.

Nevertheless, thanks to dedicated terminals, users of private jets save precious time compared to
regular lines: the duration of a business trip is reduced to a minimum and is limited exclusively to the
flight time as opposed to a regular line, impacted by the combined burdens of check-in, security
measures, boarding and baggage handling.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 will change the behaviour of users, as we can see every day
in our business. The solutions are multiple, modular and guarantee a result that addresses the
problems and challenges of air transport.
Artheau Aviation offers to assist you and implements all the resources we have at our disposal to
make air chartering your personalized solution, adapted to your needs.

For any information or reservation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
+33 1 82 28 52 80

As an example, here is the Bombardier Global 6000, a private long-haul jet with many assets:
comfort, speed record, connectivity thanks to the Ka-band high-speed internet system, luggage
remains accessible during the flight thanks to access to the hold and the ability to travel 16,000
nautical miles (11390 km) non-stop!

From London, you can travel to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Delhi, Dubai, Sao Paulo,
Tokyo, Mexico City, Cape Town, Johannesburg…

Lets fly together!