Today, the cargo aircraft is in the spotlight, along with all the teams from engineers to flight crews,
manufacturers and all the players who are responding to this major health crisis.

In February 2019, Boeing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the 747-100, its
mythical "Jumbo jet", the aircraft of all superlatives, the emblem of the Air Force one presidential air
force in the United States.

March 8, 1993 marks the first release of the 747-400 Cargo and then on January 7, 2004, the 747-
400 Special Freighter program, which aims to convert passenger aircraft into cargo.
The main deck can be fitted with 30 pallets and the lower deck with 32 LD1 containers designed
specifically for Boeing 747s, for a payload of 112,630 kg.

Featuring 4 side loading doors and the possibility of loading goods by the nose thanks to its
mechanised cargo handling system, the ERF version makes it possible either to carry 9,980 kg more
or to cover 972 additional km compared to the 8,230 km of the Freighter version at a cruising speed
of approximately 908 Km/h.

In the versions developed by Boeing, we couldn't forget the 747-Dreamlifter, of which 4 have been
produced to date to transport the various parts of the 787.

With a fuselage inspired by the Super Gruppy, which can transport rocket parts for space programs,
the particularity of this aircraft is that it enables material to be transported by the tail.

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