Today it is Champagne whose excellence we must talk about. In this particular period that will remain
forever marked in history, it is not of the wine, of which Henri IV and Dom Pérignon were our greatest
ancestors and ambassadors or the ambassadors of these fine bubbles resulting from the ancestral
culture of our French vines that were will talk.

We would like to tell you about one of these other strategic places in the Champagne region, more precisely in the Marne department, in the municipalities of Bussy-Lettrée, Haussimont and Vassimont-et-Chapelaine, which is known
throughout the world thanks to the A.I.T.A. code. (International Air Transport Association) XCR code.
Located 16O km East of Paris, professionals, specialists and other enthusiasts, including many plane
spotters, will have identified our focus, the Châlons-Vatry airport, under the commercial name Paris-

Obviously, if our mind starts to wander and our thoughts, seeking to escape, would like to mention
the Grands Crus that we have enjoyed during our charter trips, this will not distract us from the
urgency to be addressed and the current urgency that this interruption of time in its natural continuity

Paris-Vatry: many of our partners and clients may never have heard this name before. However, this
airport is now, like others, at the forefront of the fight to beat this pandemic thanks to its logistics
platform, which was designed to receive 150,000 tonnes of freight on its runway, one of the longest in
Europe, at 3,860 metres in all weathers!

The crisis is being dealt with here to supply the equipment and other supplies that are currently
essential. All our teams and the deployment of our organizational engineering has only one goal, to
meet basic needs as quickly as possible so that all the players in this battle can continue to move
forward, be best equipped and defeat adversity.

We have deliberately put a hint of lightness in this article because the weight of responsibilities is
sufficiently important not to forget to stand back and remember the happy moments, those when the
muselets holding down the "Maestro" corks transited through Paris-Vatry to offer the whole world the
excellence of our culture and our ideal of sharing. These are the values that have always guided us,
and today protective masks, respirators, and so many other indispensable pieces of equipment that
travel to us now.

As a coincidence of history, it is in Champagne that the First Battle of the Marne, using the famous
Renault taxis, took place on the 6th and 7th of September 1914.
We will therefore conclude with this 17th century expression, A bon vin point d'enseigne! (Good wine
needs no bush)

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