Pilot of tourist aircraft, airliners, private jets, helicopters, in civil or military aviation, professions that have been the envy of many for over a hundred years.  

According to Le Point (article of 8 October 2019), “the world will need 98,000 new business jet pilots by 2038 to meet growing demand” and “5,000 additional pilots each year to ensure that these aircraft do not remain grounded” as also reported by The Independent (article of 7 October 2019).

Airline pilots’ careers are indeed very much in demand, but we are aware that there has been a shortage of private jet pilots in recent times, which has immobilized many aircraft and therefore not honoured missions.

However, the life of private jet pilots is hectic in many ways, both reinvented and changing, constantly unique, but limited by the management of flight preparation, including weather forecasts, checking the condition of the aircraft and safety equipment.

photo (copyright-free): Photo by Blake Guidry on Unsplash

It also means being always ready to leave by carefully preparing your “Crew Bag” (flight licence, medical, passport, visa, vaccination booklet) and your personal suitcase in adequacy with the intended destination….

Seeing unique landscapes, scents, human encounters, miles and miles accumulated over the years and yet, always having the same pleasure: the pleasure of flying and having, in your skills, the responsibility of your passengers and flight crew.

Fulfilling their mission as reknowned experts of organization and ensuring passenger safety is the job of an airplane pilot.

The management of rest time between two flights is essential: pilots must demonstrate great physical and mental strength given the time difference and lack of sleep.

Freeing yourself from the pressure of time to reach exotic and distant lands, simply travelling or taking immeasurable pleasure in hovering over seas of clouds, the poetry associated with this aeronautics mission often inspires a vocation in the minds of young people.

Hours and hours of flights to accumulate in order to get your desk in the air… the game is well worth it…


The job description:  http://etudiant.aujourdhui.fr/etudiant/metiers/fiche-metier/pilote-de-ligne.html