In July 2017, Artheau Aviation organized a one-week retreat in Biarritz for the second consecutive year. All members of the team participated, as well as all the members of some of the companies that share a workspace with us: Roomlala and Divinementiel.

The day was divided into two parts: in the morning, we took time to work on our respective projects, and in the afternoon, we visited the Basque country as well as some Spanish cities. In addition, every day we enjoyed in surf lessons. Through this, we strengthened our mutual support and our team bonds. The idea was to get to know each other better. Each person learned how to live in a community, to push themselves during the activities, and to create ties between the different companies.


For us, organizing a retreat is one of the best solutions to get out of our professional environment, while motivating, rewarding and uniting the different teams.

This week helped boost the team dynamic, strengthen cohesion, and inspired the participants thanks to various professional activities and team sports. A common goal of the three companies is to make teams more efficient and more competitive; the week proved to be a good opportunity to convey the values ​​and the culture of the company.

By sharing a workspace, we can discuss our respective issues daily. It is therefore critical that we create a strong team spirit, inter-company cohesion, and synergy around common experiences and objectives.