Montenegro’s name “Black Mountain” came from Venetian navigators in the Middle Ages. This name came to them when they saw the dark pine forests running along the slopes of Mount Lovcen. This small Southern European country has an area of 13,812 km², for a total of 661,807 inhabitants. It borders Balkan countries such as Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia and Serbia.

The landscapes of Montenegro are varied and appeal to all tastes. In the center of the country is the jewel of Montenegro: the Bay of Kotor, the southernmost of the fjords of Europe, which penetrates 28 km inland. In addition, coastal towns like Kotor – a UNESCO World Heritage site – offer a discrete charm marked by the Venetian imprint of the Renaissance and that of the Austrian Baroque. It takes only two hours to travel from the mountains to the sea.

Montenegro also offers a multitude of different activities. 60% of the national territory is located at more than 1000m of altitude, which is ideal for skiing, hiking and climbing. For the more adventurous, paragliding is also offered. But Montenegro also faces the Adriatic Sea, thus offering 72km of beaches. It is even possible mid-season, to ski and swim on the same day! The jagged coast alternates cliffs and beaches of sand or pebbles. You can practice scuba diving, water sports, as well as canyoning or rafting.

The climate is mild in winter on the coast. On the other hand, in the mountains, temperatures are low, and it is not uncommon to have snow. In summer, however, temperatures are close to 30°. This climate makes it possible to organize events in Montenegro every month of the year. The local currency is the euro, and there is no time difference between France and Montenegro.

Montenegro is served by 2 international airports. Podgorica, 12 km south of the capital, is the largest and most modern airport in Montenegro. The southern part of the country and Kolašin are within a 100-km radius. It has a brand new terminal that opened in May 2006. The second airport in Tivat is perfect for people wishing to go to Kotor or Budva to enjoy the mountainous part of the country.

There are also two European motorways crossing the country, and each city has its own bus station, allowing easy connection between the cities of the country. There is also a Belgrade-Bar railway line. The port of Bar is the main port of the country. Moreover, the Montenegrin hotel park is well developed on the coast, and many hotels have been renovated in recent years. Out of season, the competition between the different hotels makes it possible to obtain an attractive rate. Internet access is available throughout the country.

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