With the arrival of Spring and Easter, the Artheau Aviation team decided to spoil several of its clients. Through a raffle, we selected among clients in the Paris region for reasons of proximity. We then went to about twenty of our Parisian clients, with the to distribute dolls made of chocolate. We could discover where our clients work and what kind of environment they work in, allowing us to better understand them. It also allowed us to discuss their plans for the current year, as well as plans 2018.

The gifts were a Japanese doll from Belgian chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini. We chose this design because of the upcoming Rugby World Cup that will take place in Japan in 2019. As in the past, Artheau Aviation intends to support this great sporting event with its services. The gift contained a box with two drawers with small eggs in caramel and other assorted chocolates. This chocolatier, who was a world champion of pastry in 1995, works with the cocoa beans from the field until the final product is made. The chocolatier thus offers quality chocolates, which allow us to show our client our appreciation.

To best meet the needs of our customers, it is essential for us to create a true relationship of trust. We want to understand as best as possible their ways of working, and the environment in which they operate, to create a direct connection with them. Thus, we can offer them quality services, in line with their structure and their own customers, allowing us to respond precisely to their requests.

In 2017, Artheau Aviation held the raffle solely for clients in the Paris region. However, next year we are hoping to extend this even to all our French clients.