At Artheau Aviation, we work on a business platform with several other companies. This atmosphere is conducive to many exchanges. Although the sectors of activity of these companies are not the same, mutual assistance and mutual support make it a pleasant and productive workplace.

Artheau Aviation Team: Mathieu – Camille – Marie – Roch et Bruno (Director of Altitudes Travel)

However, daily work often takes precedence over this willingness to exchange and share. That’s why it’s important for us to organize and participate in events that keep the teams together. Christmas is a perfect opportunity and an ideal time to get people together for a shared dinner and evening. This evening was a great success, even beyond the anonymous “Secret Santa” gift exchange.

Merry Christmas !

In addition to Artheau Aviation, the companies that share a workspace with us: Roomlala, Divinementiel, Parents Epuisés, Altitudes Travel.