We are one of the 1000 most successful companies in Europe, according to the British newspaper Financial Times.

For the 6th edition, the Financial Times newspaper unveils its annual ranking of the 1000 most successful European companies.
With growth of +180% over the period, we hit 850th out of 1000 European companies.

A great accomplishement

The FT1000 identifies and ranks the 1000 European companies recognized for their rapid, organic and sustainable growth. Being included in the FT1000 highlights the quality of the work carried out daily by the Artheau Aaviation team, the loyalty of our dear customers and the strong relationships forged with our partners.
This is reflected in particular with the renewal of 98% of our contracts in 2021.

Every day, we operate all over the world with a passion to transport what clients need, to bridge borders and to create flights that range from useful to exceptional and essential. – Roch Artheau, Associate Director of Artheau Aviation

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