Air freight transport is preferred for shipments requiring short delivery times.

Due to globalization, air freight transport has expanded greatly in the last years and its use has increased, especially for international shipments. Air freight then offers the speed and the ability to transport your goods in a few hours.

As it’s the case for medical and humanitarian emergencies, delivery of tools and repair parts, perishable goods. This clearly illustrates that the air freight is a valuable tool that provides responsiveness, efficiency, and precision.

Air freight with Artheau Aviation

Thus, by chartering with Artheau Aviation, you can transport freight immediately, at the time and date that you need. We offer various services ranging from full or part charters with access to all types of aircrafts.

Pillars of our service

  • Reactivity: We are available to handle your requests 24/7
  • Precision: We offer you the most suitable aircraft for your needs.
  • Proactivity: We transport your equipment from all types of terrain, anywhere in the world.

Our daily support

Advice, flight and operational management, our specialists are present at each stage to monitor the proper routing of your air freight.

Our missions:

  • Coordinate the transport with your teams
  • Prepare the transport taking into account all its specificities
  • Implement  measures and means to ensure a safe flight

Air cargo, for which type of goods?

With our worldwide network of certified and carefully selected partners,, we are able to respond to different requests, such as:

  • Urgent freight
  • Dangerous goods
  • Outsize
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Valuable products
  • Precious metals and banknotes

Do you need to charter an aircraft while optimizing your costs?

Our experienced team is at your disposal and will provide you with the most suitable option thanks to our range of solutions.


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