In autumn 2021, our Cargo Department received a new request from a humanitarian NGO to deliver oxygen generators. 

Two hospitals in Bosasso and Mogadishu (Somalia) are now equipped with two oxygen generators to fight against Covid-19. 

Road and air coordination led by our cargo department 

First and foremost, cargo aviation requires a quick response time, rigor and precision.  Thanks to our strong relationships with the largest worldwide freight platforms, we proposed several cargo aircraft options to meet the NGO’s mission. We then opted for an Ilyushin 76 to carry out this operation. 

For this type of charter, the logistical challenges represented the most complex part of the operation. Located in the East of the European Union, the two generators were transferred by road out of Europe. Therefore, in addition to chartering the cargo plane, we organised the road transportation to a neighbouring country, to reach the departure airport. 

A follow-up of the operation at each stage

Once at the airport, the trucks were able to access the tarmac to load the generator through the rear of the cargo plane. 

As soon as the loading was complete, the cargo plane was able to take off in direction of Somalia to reach both cities of Bosasso and Mogadishu. 

During this charter, we assisted the NGO during all stages, from the request to charter a cargo plane, to the search for road transporters and to the delivery of the generators. We coordinated all actions to ensure this delivery. Thanks to the responsiveness of everyone on this humanitarian flight, the NGO was able to follow all the stages of the operation. 

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