The whole Artheau Aviation team took part in our seminar whose destination remained secret until we arrived in Le Touquet !

Leaving Paris to find the sea in under two hours in a region of undefinable charm…

A stay punctuated by relaxing sessions that strengthened team cohesion thanks to treasure hunt in town and in the forest, in search of beacons scattered between town, forest and seaside.

A way to discover the city.

It had been raining in Le Touquet for more than a month but we fell upon the only two days of good weather! A great opportunity to work and reflect together on the values that we embody and defend!

The theme of these few hours spent together was mainly about integration and cohesion through fun activities. We were also able to get to know each other better and forge links between team members (arrival of new employees) and allow new recruits to become even more familiar with the company.

The Barrière Westminster Hotel welcomed us for these two days and we cheris fond memories of this evening at La Base Nord, in a cosy setting, showcased by a fireplace…

The next day: work session on the values that we would like the whole team to embody and which will become our common denominator and therefore our DNA.

Short, intense, but great memories to share together !