A Concert for Peace


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, more commonly known as UNESCO, transmits strong and globally known values. It aspires to coordinate international cooperation in science, culture, education and communication. Through this, it enables nations and societies to forge bonds among themselves. Everyone is involved so that each child and citizen has the right to a quality education, grows up in a rich cultural environment, and an extraordinary heritage. Similarly, everyone must be able to enjoy full freedom of expression.

Artheau Aviation supports these values ​​in every regard, and insists on the importance of respecting them in a world where interconnectedness predominates. Destruction of country heritage should not be a wartime objective, and indeed it is our cultural differences that enrich our civilization. Our profession would have no meaning without the passion for travel, discovery and encounters: we are therefore proud to support UNESCO’s actions. We are committed to the preservation and teaching of all cultures of the world and to peace.

The International Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra of UNESCO ended its 20th season on June 13 and June 14, 2017 with a concert-event. The extravagant Carmen show by Georges Bizet was held at the new Paris Philharmonic: the Seine Musicale. Under the direction of one of its founders, Amine Kouider, the Choir and the International Philharmonic Orchestra was sold out two evenings in a row.

As patron of the International Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra, we had the chance to witness this beautiful performance. The concert was given in support of the United Nations Heritage Campaign, initiated by UNESCO. Artheau Aviation seeks to engage with subjects outside of its professional activity to affirm its role as an actor in society. We believe it is essential to encounter cultural exchanges that are beneficial to everyone by bringing together different backgrounds.