The magazine Luxos is published semi-annually. It presents itself as a luxury travel guide through various European cities and internationally. The editorial section, started in 2001, comments on and analyzes fashion, new cosmetics, people and luxurious travel in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Luxos teams are multicultural, speak several languages, and are based in Milan. They correspond daily with Brazil, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Germany and China.

As the world of publishing is constantly evolving, this magazine crosses generations, offering new platforms about current technologies. In addition, Luxos cultivates a digital presence to provide an elaborate lifestyle and travel.

Luxos provides a comprehensive travel guide with many tips, detailing restaurants, spas, hotels and the best shopping. In addition, the website covers the latest international developments in luxury, with fast access to all over the world. In the summer issue on Paris, nature was in the spotlight. Luxos looked at hotels, bars and restaurants in Paris that have gone green and stay connected.

Camille Dupré, the advertising director of this magazine, has given us the honor of mentioning us in the Summer 2017 issue on Paris. Artheau Aviation appeared on page 21, alongside articles on luxurious hotels and restaurants, as well as advertisements for major brands such as Dolce Gabbana, Baldinini, and Burberry. Being part of this guide to luxury helps lend support to our legitimacy and mission. It is important for us to convey good values, and above all to fully satisfy our customers by providing them with quality solutions.