The Boeing 737 is a family of airliner built by the company Boeing since 1965. It is a twin-engine, single-aisle, short to medium-haul aircraft. It made its first flight on April 9, 1967. There are four generations of Boeing 737. Its main competitor today is the Airbus A320. It has been the most sold aircraft in the world, with more than 13,000 orders and more than 9,000 deliveries in April 2016.

Its main competitor is the A-320, from the European manufacturer Airbus. It has been able to compete with this newer aircraft because both offer attractive technical and commercial capabilities for medium-haul flights. The competition from the A320 is not to be taken lightly as the two giants will continue to compete on this share of the market, which expects very strong growth in the next 20 years.

Altogether, nearly 5,420 Boeing 737s were in service in 2015, compared with 6,537 Airbus 320s.


The Boeing 737-700 is part of the 3rd generation of the “Next Generation.” Launched in 1996, it has been very successful, unlike the smaller 737-600 version. The Boeing 737-700 is equipped with CFM56-7B engines and a very modern, fully digital cockpit. Already more than 1,200 units of this generation have been produced. Its cabin can accommodate between 120 and 149 passengers, depending on the configuration.

Boeing wants to position itself on the private and business aviation market, which is dominated by the manufacturers Bombardier, Cessna and Dassault. Boeing is launching the BBJ project, an adaptation of these commercial aircraft in full-business customization. The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), launched by the joint venture between Boeing and General Electric, was designed for business and VIP applications. It is a high-performance version of the 737-700. The BBJ 2, announced in October 1999 and based on the 737-800, has 25% extra cabin space and twice as much cargo capacity as the BBJ.

At the end of 2007, Boeing launched a new medium-haul family to replace the 737-600/700/800/900 which incorporates technology developed for the 777-200LR and the 787.