Focus on tourism in Morocco :

Morocco is unmistakably a territory of contrasts very appreciated by the European travelers for its climate, its heritage and the wealth of its traditions. Nevertheless did you know that it also became a MICE destination?

The appearance of the tourism come from the year 1967 with Yves Saint Laurent’s arrival to Marrakesh: it is the beginning of a luxury tourism for the Westerners, especially French who are willing to escape. From Marrakesh to Ouarzazate via Medina, it is possible to take advantage of stays in luxurious, modern and traditional hotels or Riad, while mixing the discovery of the oriental wealth. The History of this country in miles facets, his architectural, culinary and artistic heritage will only strengthen its image of an inescapable tourist destination.


Nowadays the tourist capital is Marrakesh, which attracts every year more than 1 million tourists. Situated in the center of Morocco inside lands, at the foot of Atlas Mountains, its nickname of ” City of ochre ” makes reference to the red color of a big part of the walls of its houses and buildings. We can count eighteen souks in Marrakesh, where practice more than forty thousand potters, brassworkers, leather workers and other craftsmen. Known and recognized all over the world for the wealth of its architecture, which we find no leaves somewhere else, it is also the starting point of numerous excursions for the walkers avid to discover the Atlas or the desert.


 Knowing how to ally inheritance and tradition to an ancestral art of welcoming and elegance, Marrakesh develops its infrastructures at the top of the range to develop the luxury tourism. The fact that the economy of the red city is based largely on the tourism explains the incredible growth of its hotel facilities and the modernization of its infrastructures of transport and reception. The turnover brought back to the tourism knows an exponential growth because it would double every 4 years.
Useful information :
Morocco and France made for a long time agreements to simplify the travels between their 2 territories, Which allows the French nationals not to need a Visa for a tourist. The maximum stay is 3 months in Morocco. Nevertheless since 2016, the law which exempted from passport the tourists travelling in a group under the aegis of a professional of the journe, is not valid anymore.
A valid passport for all the duration of the stay is nowadays on compulsory for all the French people going to Morocco.
Some unmissable places to visit :

The Medina : the old town is surrounded by fortification. This protection wall at the andalouse style was built at the time of Almoravides (first half of the XIIth century) to contain the assaults of Almohades. Classified in general in the UNESCO world heritage, it is largely restored and symbolizes Marrakesh.
In the center is the place Jemaa-el-Fna, real heart beating of Marrakesh, lined in the North by souks. All the places of historic or cultural interest as well as the most beautiful riads are situated in the medina.

– Gueliz : the modern city. Outside ramparts and created under the French protectorate, she extends around a main axis: the avenue Mohammed-V, several kilometers long, which connects Koutoubia with the djebel Guéliz, a small dry mountain. Large hotels, car rental companies, modern shops and big coffees group together there.

The district of Agdal : it is situated on the avenue Mohammed-VI (more than 8 km), in the south part of the city. All the biggest tourism projects take place there.

– Hivernage : a small district calm and residential, on the south of Gueliz, between the Medina and the avenue of Mohammed VI. We can find there some simple hotels and nice houses, but also some luxurous hotels and on-trend restaurants and clubs.

– La palmeraie : situated at the North of the city, kind of Hollywood city, with wonderful villas and hotels with swimming-pool. Despite its name, palm trees become more and more occasional…


The sector of the MICE represents approximately 9.000 events a year in the world. Morocco takes advantage only at the level of 5 % of this market. This follows naturally upon the economic crisis which knows Europe, main customer of the tourism of affairs in North Africa, but also about the various geopolitical tensions which touched the region since the revolutions of the Arab Spring.
 Nevertheless nowadays Morocco has breathed into its affairs tourism some changement which attracts year by year more events. The organization and the realization of the COP22 were the proof of its expertise and sounded as the resumption of this market. The professionals of event industry confirmed it, the request of location on this country is increasing in 2017 and announces a beautiful year for this segment.
At Artheau Aviation we were able to notice it, the special event management of company goes back again on Marrakesh. We will make this year several flights from Paris, Lyon and Marseille to Marrakesh for seminaries. From a technical and practical point of view, Marrakesh is ideally situated and harmed to welcome a different event while staying in the price rates of the European market.
The airport of Marrakech-Ménara is the second most important airport of Morocco with 4 million travelers a year. It is situated in the southwest of the urban area, in 5 km of the center of Marrakesh and you should count no more than 15 minutes of transfer to join the city. The time of flight between Paris and Marrakesh is about 3 hours.
Little extra : Because of the protection of environment, the new Terminal 1 is partially fed with solar energy. In spite of the work of the Terminal 3 carrying his capacity to 9 million passengers, and because of a traffic of more than 14 million passengers planned for 2030, and because of an urbanistic extension around the current airport which limits its development, a project of a new “integrated airport city” is in progress, of a cost estimated of 4,3 billion dirhams.

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