Cannes is again celebrating its finest event and is preparing to welcome filmmakers, stars, journalists and curious people to its International Film Festival, which began Wednesday May 17, 2017. The most renown film festival in the world celebrated its 70th edition this year with a representative selection of world cinema. The ceremony was led by Italian actress Monica Bellucci and Spanish scriptwriter and director Perdo Almodovar.

2017 Cannes Film Festival – Official Website

Originally a mere social event, today the main objective of the Cannes Film Festival is the revelation and appreciation of individual works. The Official Selection brings together the 6 most renowned sections, the Competition of the Long Films leading the selections. Each year, all the selections are made up of about eighty films for more than 20 different prizes, the most emblematic ones being those of the official selection: the long and short Palme d’Or, the Grand Prix, the Jury Prize, the Screenwriting Award, Interpretive Awards and the Camera d’Or.

If the city of Cannes seems to be ideally suited to host this gigantic gathering, this has not always been the case. With the tripling of its population from 70,000 to more than 200,000, the Cannes Film Festival has affected more than just the film industry. It governs the life of the city and its surroundings for more than a month if one considers all the logistics necessary to host the event. Cannes has thus had to respond to all the events agencies, the journalists, the television channels, the film crews, and the numerous visitors.

When choosing the city of Cannes for this festival, the presence of big hotels and palaces, such as the Grand Hotel or the Palm Beach, was of course taken into account. Many hotels in Cannes and its region offer quality facilities. The festival also has a direct positive impact on the city’s shops, hotels and restaurants. In addition, Cannes is completely renovated for the Festival, to be welcoming and radiant each year.

Official Website of the City of Cannes

For the festival, partnerships are set up with large groups who provide financial and logistical support to the organizers. Many of these partnerships have been active for several years, notably between the Festival de Cannes and Air France, a sponsor and exclusive partner in air transport for more than 20 years. Similarly, the car manufacturer Renault has a fleet of 250 vehicles available for the event, 100 of which are reserved for the red carpet.

As an airline broker, we understand the background of an event of this magnitude and the logistics it requires. The stations and airport of Cannes are saturated during the entire festival, and the airport of Nice has a significant boom during this period. The advantage of using a specialist is our knowledge of the terrain, our knowledge of the market and especially our relations with airlines and airports.

On this first day of the festival, an airline broker will not have any difficulties to bring you from the biggest cities of France and Europe to the Cannes Film Festival. Because so many visitors travel to Cannes for leisure during this time, the Cannes Film Festival is above all a great place for exchanges and contacts between all professionals of the audiovisual, cinema, and culture. … For business trips, a professional appointment, or an invitation to a projection, the charter of small aircraft such as business jet is a popular solution for this type of event.

Since Cannes Mandelieu airport is in the center of the city of Cannes, it is subject to more stringent regulations, which an airline broker will take into account. Our team can assist you efficiently and quickly, with solutions adapted to your particular needs in your search for an aircraft to travel to this unique and prestigious gathering.

The rates for this type of journey vary depending to the number of passengers on board. For a flight with 10 passengers, a round trip for a day in Cannes, we offer flights with aircraft such as the Falcon 50 or 900, Saab 340 or Legacy 600, for a price of about 23,000 €.

For about 30 passengers, you also can travel in a Saab 340, as well as a Dornier 328 or Embraer 120, for a price of about 26,000 €. Please note that a night departure from Cannes Mandelieu airport is not possible, as it closes 30 minutes after sunset.


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