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An unique opportunity to travel

From July 26 to August 11, the Olympic Games 2024 are an international sporting event held every four years. They bring together the world's best athletes in a variety of sports. The Olympic Games are considered the world's most prestigious sporting event. These Olympic Games will be the third to be organized by France, following those of 1900 and 1924.

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Flying is the most comfortable way to travel long distances. You’ll have more space to rest or work.


Flying is the fastest way to travel long distances. So you can get to your destination faster and enjoy the Olympics Games 2024 more.


Planes are generally more reliable than other means of transport, so you can travel with complete peace of mind.*

Why charter our private jets during the
2024 Olympic Games?

When you book a private jet for the Olympic Games 24, you’re opting for:

Flexibility of schedule: the events are back-to-back and many competitions, sometimes difficult to access, are taking place simultaneously. By chartering a plane, you can choose your travel times to suit the needs of the competition.

Confidentiality and comfort: whether you’re a sportsman, a celebrity or a politician, private jet travel means you can travel in total discretion, far from the crowds and prying eyes. The private jet is a luxurious means of transport, so it’s comfortable and relaxing.

Saving time: the summer of 2024 promises to be a busy time for transport. Chartering a plane will save you time by avoiding the queues and delays associated with regular commercial flights.

Our team is at your disposal to propose tailor-made solutions, with the possibility of taking off two hours after confirmation of your request. Your safety is our top priority, which is why we only work with certified operators. We constantly update the list of all our selected partners, to offer you the best options.

To make your trip an exceptional experience, we are committed to offering you top-of-the-range service with unrivalled features. Our team is at your service to anticipate your needs and expectations, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable flight.

The advantages of renting private jets

Your method of transport

Whether it's a cab plane, private jet, long-haul aircraft, VIP plane or helicopter for the last few kilometers, we'll find the right aircraft for your needs.

Your program

Unlimited schedule flexibility. Possibility of early or late departure (depending on schedules and slots).

Your time is precious

We undertake to get back to you as soon as possible with a transport proposal, and the possibility of taking off 2 hours after your confirmation.

Your destination

Private airports, altiports, airfields, private land: 90% of destinations are accessible with a direct flight.

Your comfort on board

Enjoy exceptional service with gourmet dinner, champagne, personalized cabin and luxury bedding for your overnight flights.

Your single point of contact

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your advisor is there to meet your needs and make sure your flight runs smoothly.

Types of private jets

There are many different types of private jet available, ranging from small light jets to long-haul aircraft. The type of jet you choose will depend on your needs and your budget.

Paris - Marseille

Prices on demands
Embraer Phenom 100
  • 2100 km autonomy
  • 4 to 6 Passengers
  • Turbojet propulsion
  • Cruise speed of 722 km/h

Paris - Saint-Etienne

Prices on demands
Pilatus PC-12
  • 3268 km autonomy
  • 6 Passengers
  • Turbojet propulsion
  • Cruise speed of 537 km/h

Paris - Nice

Prices on demands
Pilatus PC242
  • 3769 km autonomy
  • 6 Passengers
  • Turbojet propulsion
  • Cruise speed of 815 km/h

Why use our fleet of commercial aircraft for the 2024 Olympic Games?

For 10 years, commercial aviation has been the company’s historical department. We charter all types of airliners worldwide for companies, event agencies and other MICE players and service providers (Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Embraer ERJ145, SAAB 2000…).

Whether you’re planning an incentive trip, a seminar or a sports event, we can help you charter and organize your flight from any airport in the world. Charter flights give you greater freedom, as you choose your destination, travel times and on-board services.

For large groups, chartering an aircraft is often the most attractive solution in terms of flexibility. Our tools give us a global view of all flight schedules.

We work closely with scheduled and charter airlines to offer you the solution best suited to your needs, within a strict safety framework.

Paris - Marseille

Prices on demands
SAAB 2000
  • 2868 km autonomy
  • 50 to 58 Passengers
  • Turbo-propulsion system
  • Cruise speed of 594 km/h

Paris - Nice

Prices on demands
Airbus A320
  • 4900 km autonomy
  • 150 to 170 Passengers
  • Turbojet propulsion system
  • Cruise speed of 855 km/h